Just A Mom


I just came across this, and I have to say I love it!  For so long I have always dreaded the question, “So what do you do?”  I wish I could have come back with an answer like this, for it is so true that a Mom has many different job descriptions.  Instead, I would cower and say that I was “Just a stay-at-home mom”.  Why did I feel inferior?  Why did being a Mom not mean that I was an amazing person?

As much as so many people want to climb the corporate ladder, I think that I am making an amazing contribution to society by taking the time to raise intelligent, well balanced adults who will contribute to society in a loving, giving manner.   So, I guess being a Mom is important!  And, might I add, one of the hardest jobs in the world?  But also one of the most rewarding.

So, cheers to all the moms in the world!  We are amazing, strong, instrumental contributors to our families and society, and we should be proud of it.



2 thoughts on “Just A Mom

  1. That’s funny – I was in the process of working on my mural when another person who is working for my client started up a conversation. He said “so – what else do you do?” Ummmm, excuse me while I put down my paintbrush to pause from working solo on this 100 sq ft mural. (What ELSE do I do?)

    I said “I’m a homemaker!” There was a long awkward silence – like crickets in the background silence – then I felt the need to tell him that I USED to work as an RN. More silence.

    He said “but you still hold your lisence, right?” Totally skipping over the fact that I am all those things above in your post – and the fact that those things are most important to me!

    Nevermind that I was standing there painting, fulfilling my dream whilst being a Mom. It was more impressive (like I give a hoot) that I still held my RN license even though I never want to work in that capacity again. Strange.

    Then he asked me out for coffee even though I’m married and he has met my husband and children! But that’s another story!

    Great post! I’m following!


  2. Sorry I took so long to respond…life has been busy here. Wow! Interesting story that solidifies society’s view of a Mom’s job. Kudos to you for being a great mom AND following your dreams! Maybe if more people would concentrate on what makes them HAPPY (instead of a career they think they can boast about) the world would be a happier place! Unless of course the career IS what makes you happy. We are all different and each of us is on our own journey in life.

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